God of agony, suffering and decay

Domains: Evil, Death, Chaos

Widely considered the most active of the evil gods, Vulnus delights in the commission of evil acts for no other reason than that they are evil. This contrasts sharply with other evil gods who often have concrete objectives driving their actions, namely Pravus, Provox and Avarus. Because of this, Vulnus is considered to be the one true personification of evil.

Deranged individuals who derive pleasure from the pain and suffering of others are all unwitting servants to Vulnus’ cause. Clerics devote themselves to Vulnus so that they might pursue their compulsions with greater efficiency. Due to the mental instability of these individuals, it is very rare for these “people”, if they may be called that, to have even the most modest amount of discipline needed for adventuring classes outside of the cleric. Clerics need only a strong conviction to their beliefs to be successful.


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