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Geopolitical Entities

The Great and Bountiful Empire of Codros

The New Codrosian Empire

The Provoxian Theocratic Republic of Codros

Grand Duchy of Golfroy

Voivodeship of Transbileria

Kingdom of Junderland

White Dragon Empire


Bilerian Mountains





The God-Archetypes:

Soluna uses the Lashnaru Pantheon, and has a few special belief systems of its own

Faith Overview

Egos: god of the individual, dreams and stories.

Provox: god of power, subjugation and exploitation.

Senex: god of knowledge, wisdom, experience and mentors.

Vulnus: god of agony, suffering and decay.

Pravus: god of destruction, purges and the void.

Derxion: goddess of life, death, cycles and eternity.

Itineris: god of journies, travel and exploration.

Arcanis: goddess of secrets, mysteries and the unknown.

Avarus: god of greed, acquisition and wealth.

Ferrum: god of industry, labour, productivity and craftsmanship.

Pugna: god of war, conflict and belligerence.

Coactum: goddess of the unintelligent forces.

Voluptas: goddess of passions, emotions and the senses.

Aequitas: goddess of law, order and justice.

Other Faiths:

Soluna Moon Worship

Elemental Cults


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