Faith Overview

The God-Archetypes do not quite fit the average conception of Gods. The God-Archetypes are manifestations of ideas, ethics, moral codes and ideologies which are derived from the minds of all living and thinking beings. Some of these Gods are believed to be nothing more than manifestations, but others are believed to have once been mortals who have since built a strong association between themselves and the ideas they now represent, intentionally or not.

Following from this, the strength of any one god or goddess depends greatly on the prevalence of their ideas in the hearts and minds of the peoples in the cosmos. Despite their frequent appearances in places and times of significance to their respective areas of interest, much is still not known about the Gods. Theories as to the limitations of the God-Archetypes and other sources of power they might draw upon vary wildly.

Some are not even sure the God-Archetypes are in fact the most powerful beings in the cosmos.

Domain Breakdown:
Egos: Good, Healing, Protection
Provox: Law, Protection, War
Senex: Knowledge, Magic
Vulnus: Evil, Death, Chaos
Pravus: Destruction, Evil, Death
Derxion: Sun, Good, Magic, Animal, Plant
Itineris: Travel, Luck, Protection
Arcanis: Trickery, Knowledge, Magic
Avarus: Evil, Luck, Trickery
Ferrum: Strength, Law, Craft, Creation, Dwarf, Planning, Trade
Pugna: War, Destruction, Strength
Coactum: Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Chaos, Luck
Voluptas: Passion, Charm, Joy, Pleasure, Hatred
Aequitas: Law, Good, Protection, Strength

Faith Overview

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